Vol. 8: 2015


Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen, Vol. 8:

Enough is Enough!

Saturday, March 7th, 2015


@ the Hostos Center for Arts and Culture

450 Grand Concourse (at 149th St.) Bronx, NY

(Main Theater)

Time: 2-5pm

This event is FREE and open to all ages.

For more information about the event, please

Visit our website @ http://www.mhhk.org

Or email mhhk@mhhk.org

More information to come soon!

Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen, Vol. 8: Enough is Enough! will take place on Saturday March 7th, 2015 at the Hostos Center for Arts and Culture in the South Bronx.

Annually we shed light on different social issues. For Volume 8 this year we are bringing awareness to violence in our communities, especially violence against women. This year we continue to use hip-hop as our tool to educate the masses and build awareness around violence against women.

MHHK 2015, is an invitation to RISE, AWAKEN and BECOME.  We are calling for a paradigm shift in thinking and being for this year’s event. We will broaden the conversation from local and national governmental violence to the global oppression that has used the female body as a weapon of war for centuries. Women of all ages are being raped, assaulted, molested, abused (e.g. forced sterilization, breast ironing, female genital mutilation, prostitution, sex work, honor killings, acid throwing, trafficking, police brutality and femicide). Women have been enduring absurd amounts of pain with little to no healing outlets. There has been an invisible chokehold on women from Juarez to Chicago, Palestine to Puerto Rico, Africa to the South Bronx. We can’t breathe!!! We are calling all women and girls from around the globe to come back home and demand justice with their drums and their candles.

Enough is Enough MHHK, Vol 8: 2015 is a Response and Spiritual Call to Action to:

  •  RISE and awaken the Spirit of women and girls all over the world.
  • HEAL the mind, body and spirit of people of color from the impact of oppression.
  • BECOME that which we already are, fearless, courageous and powerful!


We are shouting ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Help us create a safe and healing space by attending and participating in Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen, Vol. 8: Enough is Enough!

MHHK 2015 affirms that:

  • Enough is Enough! Girls will rise and speak up and against what threatens their sense of identity, safety, belonging, connection and love.
  • Ya Basta! The legacy of resiliency, self-determination and self-love is alive within us and we will not surrender or give up.
  • Enough is Enough! Women will powerfully live into their future, birthing sustainable families and organizations leading a new world.
  • Ya Basta! Girls will be free to be self-expressed, free global leaders with unimaginable courage living into their bold legacy